Black cord necklace with screw closure


  • Image of Black cord necklace with screw closure

Switch your pendants out easily! Choker style

Image of Howlite set! Shipping included!
Howlite set! Shipping included!
Image of $27.77 shipping included!
$27.77 shipping included!
Image of Assorted pendants!
Sold out
Assorted pendants!
Image of Crystal Pen Sale!
Crystal Pen Sale!
Image of Assorted pendants! Silver
Assorted pendants! Silver
Image of 3 stone Pyrite!
3 stone Pyrite!
Image of 3 stone Green Aventurine
3 stone Green Aventurine
Image of Chakra Set
Chakra Set
Image of Wholesale pendants!
Wholesale pendants!
Image of 7 stone beaded necklace
7 stone beaded necklace
Image of Three stone Red Jasper
Three stone Red Jasper
Image of Chakra necklace, beaded
Chakra necklace, beaded
Image of 7 stone chakra necklace
On sale
7 stone chakra necklace
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