Chakra set!


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Includes adjustable ring and one pair of earrings. Stainless steel earring hooks.
Clear quartz, amethyst, lapis Lazuli, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red Jasper

Image of Hoop Chakra Earrings
Hoop Chakra Earrings
Image of Face!
Sold out
Image of Eye 👁
Eye 👁
Image of Brass Hearts
Brass Hearts
Image of Sun n moon
Sun n moon
Image of Brass earring Drip!
Brass earring Drip!
Image of Tree of Life
Tree of Life
Image of Sun and moon!
Sun and moon!
Image of Sunray earrings
Sunray earrings
Image of Brass hoop with cowrie and clear quartz
Brass hoop with cowrie and clear quartz
Image of Cowrie and brass
Cowrie and brass
Image of Brass and Pyrite earrings
Sold out
Brass and Pyrite earrings
Image of Chakra earrings
Chakra earrings
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