• Image of Selenite!

Choose below from palm stone, dessert rose , tumbled wand, rough wand, and tower

Image of Large, raw , Red Jasper
Large, raw , Red Jasper
Image of Selenite stick
Selenite stick
Image of Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Image of Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline
Image of Red Jasper (large)
Red Jasper (large)
Image of Large Citrine stone
Large Citrine stone
Image of Large dark raw Amethyst
Large dark raw Amethyst
Image of 7 Chakra stones
7 Chakra stones
Image of Medium raw citrine
Medium raw citrine
Image of Balance Box!
Balance Box!
Image of Medium Red Jasper stone
Medium Red Jasper stone
Image of Medium Rose quartz stone
Medium Rose quartz stone
Image of Large Lapis lazuli
Large Lapis lazuli
Image of Chakra cleansing/ balancing kit
Chakra cleansing/ balancing kit
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