7 stone beaded necklace


  • Image of 7 stone beaded necklace

Copper wire and chain. Choose stone from drop box

Image of Howlite set! Shipping included!
Howlite set! Shipping included!
Image of $27.77 shipping included!
$27.77 shipping included!
Image of Assorted pendants!
Sold out
Assorted pendants!
Image of Crystal Pen Sale!
Crystal Pen Sale!
Image of Assorted pendants! Silver
Assorted pendants! Silver
Image of 3 stone Pyrite!
3 stone Pyrite!
Image of 3 stone Green Aventurine
3 stone Green Aventurine
Image of Chakra Set
Chakra Set
Image of Wholesale pendants!
Wholesale pendants!
Image of Three stone Red Jasper
Three stone Red Jasper
Image of Chakra necklace, beaded
Chakra necklace, beaded
Image of Black cord necklace with screw closure
Black cord necklace with screw closure
Image of 7 stone chakra necklace
On sale
7 stone chakra necklace
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