Cowrie and Hematite


  • Image of Cowrie and Hematite

Gold Cowrie and Hematite , stainless steel earring hooks

Image of  Cowrie and Rainbow Hematite
Cowrie and Rainbow Hematite
Image of Cowrie and, Hematite  Amethyst
Cowrie and, Hematite Amethyst
Image of Eye of Horus earring
Eye of Horus earring
Image of Eye of Horus earrings
Eye of Horus earrings
Image of Angel wings
Angel wings
Image of Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus
Image of Chrysocolla earrings with leaf
Chrysocolla earrings with leaf
Image of Cowrie shell cuffs
Cowrie shell cuffs
Image of Angel wing earrings
Angel wing earrings
Image of Leaf earrings
Leaf earrings
Image of Chakra earrings
Chakra earrings
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